New Mindsize Wapuus

It’s James again. In this post, I’m going to introduce you to two new wapuus that I had a chance to work on for our friends over at Mindsize. As always, I’m showing the sketches, thought process, time-lapse, and of course, the final illustrations. Bonus, there may be pins. Who’s Mindsize Mindsize is an e-Commerce…

Spex Enjoys Yoga

Spex enjoys his job but also highly recommends self-care. One of his favorite ways of taking care of himself is yoga. GreenGeeks had a request for 2 new poses to go along with Spex’ new hobby, standing tree poses and a sitting Buddha poses.

WordCamp Jacksonville Recap

WordCamp Jacksonville has a special place in our hearts. They were the first WordCamp to ever have official pins at their WordCamp, and all years since! Check out their newest wapuu Wamuu! Wamuu Created by Laura Phillips @smartaleckL We made a pin! Wamuu Pin The Wamuu she designed for #WCJAX this year is one…

WordPress Translation Day 3 Is Happening September 30th, 2017

Global WordPress Translation Day 3 or “WPTranslationDay 3” is a 24-hour global digital and physical global event dedicated to the translation of the WordPress(core, themes, plugins) making WP more accessible around the world. WPTranslationDay is both a digital & physical event. It’s a unique event where international community of WP Polyglots meet at the same… and Gravity Forms icon logos with 4 floating wapuus.

Let’s Welcome Gravity Forms as First Official Sponsor!

We would like to welcome Gravity Forms (Rocketgenius, Inc.) to the Field Guide and Trading Post family. We are super excited about this partnership for 2 main reasons. One, they might like wapuus more than us; and 2, they are our first official sponsor! We appreciate all our sponsors, but they will always be…

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