WordCamp Jacksonville Recap

WordCamp Jacksonville has a special place in our hearts. They were the first WordCamp to ever have official wapu.us pins at their WordCamp, and all years since!

Check out their newest wapuu Wamuu!


Created by Laura Phillips @smartaleckL

We made a pin!

Wamuu Pin

Camp Highlights

We love a good WordCamp talk, but we tend to hangout in the hallway track more. However, we were able to catch a couple talks this year and would never miss a keynote!

Gutenberg Block Basics

Josh Pollocks talk on @theGutes – “Gutenberg Block Basics”

Gutenberg Block Basics


Mike Demo’s talk on Open Source – “TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN”

Two Sides of the Same Coin


Hanging Out at KidsCamp

We took a break from all the networking and visited the next generation of coders, designers, and innovators. #WCJAX had a large group of kids for KidsCamp. The whole classroom was full. We let everyone in the room blindly grab 2 pins from and encouraged trading.(Even the parents and Volunteers)


You know what’s nice on a hot and humid Florida afternoon? Of course you know because you already read the heading. But not just any popsicles, all organic made, and ran by a local small business.



Keynote// The Challenge of Change: How to Thrive in the New World of WordPress

Old and New Friends

It’s always fun getting to see old friends!

Pressable Pressapuu Pin

Oh yeah, this was also the world premiere of Pressable’s Pressapuu Pin. Coming to a WordCamp near you. We may have a couple in the shop if you can’t wait to meet the Pressable team in person.

Pressapuu Pin


Social Gatherings

WordCamp Jacksonville did something unique. They opted to have their official after party on Sunday afternoon. This was a really cool and fun change to the norm. That’s right, we all went outside during the day and socialized!

Unofficial After Party

Since the after party was on Sunday, this left Saturday evening wide open. With permission from the local camp organisers, Wapu.us teamed up with Pressable for enjoyable pizza and beverages at Mellow Mushroom. Not sure what was better, the food, the drinks or the company.

Thanks again for your support Pressable and a wonderful dinner with friends.

Official After Party

The official after party was held at Wicked Barley Brewing Company on their patio. It turned out to be much colder than anyone ever expected. Any hints by the name of the venue, their beer was amazing. The food was great too, but due to the weather not as many people showed up. There was a lot of extra food left and campers all got to go boxes. No food was wasted!


Unofficial After After Party

With the after party being Sunday early afternoon, that left most the afternoon open for anyone not heading home already. BoldGrid setup a nice TopGolf outing for anyone still in town.

Not sure we say this enough, but we do love our sponsors. Without our sponsors our community would be a completely different landscape. Thank you BoldGrid for everything you do for us.

Thanks Organizing Team!

Organizing a WordCamp is a lot of unbillable, thankless work. WordCamp Jacksonville, you are one of our favorite camps and are already looking forward to next year!

Team Wapu.us

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