Request Pins is happy to offer any WordCamp or other WordPress related event access to wholesale enamel pins. If you are a brand looking for pins, we can help with that too, but we only offer that service to our sponsors. Maybe think about sponsoring

We need 30 days for manufacturing and shipping. We recommend no bigger then 1 1/4 inches from the longest 2 points. Any larger they don’t quite fit on the lanyards. All new designs require a minimum of 250 pins. Reorders only require a minimum of 100 per order. You can also order some of the pins we have already made. This will depend if we still have the mold. They are only held in storage for 12 months without use.

Extra things like glow in the dark or glitter can be added for about .25 extra per pin.

The process:

  1. Use the form below to check the cost.
  2. If you have the budget, Submit the form.
  3. will invoice the email from the form.
  4. You Send the invoice to the foundation, and they will pay us in a couple days
  5. You pay the invoice your self if not part of the foundation.
  6. Once paid, we will setup the comps and get your approval.
  7. Pins will be manufactured(21 days min)
  8. We label the pins and ship them off to you