Request Pins is happy to offer any WordCamp or other WordPress related event access to wholesale enamel pins. If you are a brand looking for pins, we can help with that too, but we only offer that service to our sponsors. Maybe think about sponsoring We need 30 days for manufacturing and shipping. We recommend…

Wapuu Guidelines

What is a wapuu? What classifies a wapuu versus another type of WordPress or WordCamp mascot or icon?

Add Your Wapuu to GitHub

Before, there was the Wapuu Archive* on GitHub. Without there would be no If you are familiar with GitHub and Git, this will be easy for you. If you have no idea what Git is, that is why we created our wapuu submission form. Full instructions can be seen here: Fork the Wapuu-API repository above. Add…

Request A Wapuu

Need a Wapuu created? Have a cool suggestion for a Wapuu? Interested in ordering Wapuu pins or swag for your event? You’ve come to the right place!

Request a Wapuu Pin

Submit a Wapuu

Have a wapuu that you’d like to appear on the Field Guide & Trading Post? Fill out the form below. There are 3 sections to the form. The discoverer’s information, the wapuu’s information, and the event the wapuu was sighted at. The form might look intimidating but only 2 fields are required. The wapuu’s…

Submit Swag

Have you made Wapuu swag? Have you seen some cool Wapuu swag? If it’s not listed on our site, please use this form to add it to the archive. 


Interested in the legalities of Wapuu? Here’s a quick rundown of how Wapuu licensing and GNU works.

Trackable Attributes

What we are tracking and available inputs: If the wapuu was submitted via GitHub we pull in: Item Name Wapuu Name Wapuu URL Wapuu Repository Wapuu SRC Wapuu SRC Mine type Author Name Author URL Description also tracks the following information: * Not all the following are needed for every Wapuu. Wapuu’s Name Name…