Our Mission

Wapuus are already out there on the internet—so we’re giving them a home.

The Wapu.us Field & Trading Post is an online community tool for all things wapuu. Explore wapuu backstories, creative info, stats, and events where wapuus are spotted. On the site, users can track wapuus, share their favorites, and learn about upcoming WordPress events.

Did you miss a wapuu you wanted? Don’t worry! Trading and ability to acquire wapuus is coming soon! Check out the Wapu.us Community, and Sign-up while you wait.

Showcase Wapuu Worldwide

The community is creating amazing wapuus, and we want to make sure they are easy to find. We also want to grow the awareness of wapuu, and thus grow WordPress. Anyone who has ever made a wapuu is welcome to submit theirs to the Wapu.us archive.

Promote the WordPress Community

Wapuu is a mascot for WordPress. By promoting wapuu, we bring awareness to WordPress. Wapuu is also making the WordPress community approachable and inviting. Reputable brands are already leveraging their wapuus in the community. All brands are encouraged to submit their Wapuus and Swag to the site.

Learn about sponsor benefits.

Selling Items & Pricing

Wapu.us has 2 types of products, internal and external. Let’s start with the external products.

First and foremost Wapu.us is a Field Guide(wiki). We want to be an unbiased recording of all things wapuu. This means if other people or companies have things for sale, we will be linking directly to said product and we will show the last known price on our site.

The second type of product is things we have made/acquired to help rais money for the program, but more on that next. The other main reason we are selling some products on Wapu.us is to give others around the world a chance to get limited addition wapuu swag. For every regular pin we make, we will add about 20 to the site. There will be extra limited pins, but they will not likely be for sale and only obtainable via trade.

We want to be clear we are not profiting off anything we are selling. All money raised is going back to the community. All pricing is the wholesale cost of the item plus ~$5 to help keep the program going. The price breakdown is the following.


  • $? wholesale cost of the item
  • $1 to the artist of the wapuu used*
  • $1 to the foundation
  • $1 to Wapu.us for order fulfillment/operations
  • $1 to Wapu.us for community outreach.
  • 2.9% +$0.30 PayPal Fees


  • $? Cost of the Pin
  • $? Community Pin
  • $1 to the artist of the wapuu*
  • $1 to the foundation
  • $1 to Wapu.us for order fulfillment/operations
  • 2.9% +$0.30 PayPal Fees

*If the item is a sponsored item, the “Artist” $1 will go to the foundation instead.