First ever WordPress Community Bazaar at WCUS 2017

This year WordCamp US is trying something new. A Community Bazaar. What is a community bazaar you ask? It’s an area set aside at the venue, during WordCamp US, to showcase some of the unique WordPress communities around the world; in different stages of growth. Lucky us, is a community that spans all other WordPress communities.

“The idea was inspired by the people who make up the WordPress Community. We recognize that some local WordPress communities are thriving and some are just getting started. What better way to help build community than by showcasing our local communities to the world. The thought is that smaller, newer, and communities just in their infancy, will be inspired with fresh ideas and or how-tos from the bigger and more established WordPress communities.

— Raquel Landefeld via WP TAVERN

We want to thank the community first for their involvement. We mostly just archive what’s happening around the world with Wapuus and WordCamps. Without everyone’s hard work, there would be no need for a site like Secondly, we want to thank the crew who came up with the idea and organizing/ed it – Raquel Landefeld, Randy Hicks, and Dustin Meza, thanks again.

Check out some of the other great communities that will be showcased this year:

We encourage you to read our write up over at #WCUS official camp site.

The Community Bazaar will be open December 1 & 2 from 8:00 am-10:00 am and 1:30 pm-3:30 pm. Stop by and say hi. We can chat about our friend wapuu, and how you can use wapuus to brand, market, and grow your community.

Remember to “Pin” a visit to our booth on your calendar. “Hint”, “Hint”.

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