New Mindsize Wapuus

It’s James again. In this post, I’m going to introduce you to two new wapuus that I had a chance to work on for our friends over at Mindsize. As always, I’m showing the sketches, thought process, time-lapse, and of course, the final illustrations. Bonus, there may be pins. Who’s Mindsize Mindsize is an e-Commerce…’ WordPress Conference & Event Tracker

Have you ever wondered how many events you have actually attended over the years? Or how many times have you spoken at a WordCamp or other WordPress related event? How about what conferences are you planning on attending the rest of the year? Did you know the third weekend of July there were 5 WordCamps?…

Introducing’ New WordPress Events Archive

We are pleased to announce our new WordPress Conference and Event Archive & Tracking tool. Have you ever wanted to see all the WordCamp Logos in one place? Ok, sure some of you, but what about a way to see all upcoming WordPress events, and check on conflicting dates? Now, do we have your attention? How about an easy way to see how many WordCamps and other WordPress events you have spoken at or been to? We have a tool for you! Oh yeah, and all the events info you would need like URLs, and socials too.

Adding your Swag to the Archives

Swag is really the memory of the event. It’s the manifestation of that wapuu’s corresponding event or brand. It’s the things people get excited for; like stickers, pins, and t-shirts. There is so much amazing swag out there, but up to this point, there has not been a way to show any of it off…

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