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Swag is really the memory of the event. It’s the manifestation of that wapuu’s corresponding event or brand. It’s the things people get excited for; like stickers, pins, and t-shirts. There is so much amazing swag out there, but up to this point, there has not been a way to show any of it off besides social posts from that day. A lot of hard work goes into all the events and to have everything is gone in 2 days is a little sad.

Besides showcasing the swag it’s still a community tool and resource. It would be great to have the final artwork of all the wapuu swag for other camps to use; as a starting point. Wapuu is GPL so let’s give back as much as we can.

If your swag item has already been added to the site and you want to update or claim it, fill out its corresponding form in the single view of that wapuu or swap.

Last point before we start reviewing the form. We have built in Want and Trade lists on the site. Have you ever seen some really cool wapuu swag on Twitter? We sure have. Ever wanted a way to get your hands on that limited edition domino set or plush? Once we have enough recorded swag, we will open online trading. The list tagging is working, and the online trading should be coming within the next couple months.

Submit Swag Form

We have broken the form into two sections to make it feel less daunting. The discoverer and the swag information. Regardless of form length, there are only 2 required fields. The swag name and the featured image, but keep in mind, the more info the better for everyone. If your wapuu is new, make sure you add it to the archive too. Check out our other post on how to add wapuu to the repo and/or site here, or start submitting your swag with our form.

Your Info

This section is to give credit to the artist (we call them Discoverers) and anyone else that helps update the “Field Notes”. It’s not needed but it sure would be nice to give credit & backlinks.


This is your name. If you are logged in, it will auto-populate with your profile info.


Your email will not be displayed anywhere without your configuration.

Your URL

This can be your portfolio site, Twitter, or WordPress Profile. Pretty much any URL that you would like to use. You can also leave it blank.

Are you the discover?

We want to make sure ownership goes to the right person, while still giving anyone else who has helped field note credit. If you select no, the “Who is the Discoverer” field will show up.

Who is the Discoverer?

Do you know who is? Do you by chance have their email, URL or twitter handle? We would really appreciate any help we can get filling out the archive. Feel free to add anything else that would be helpful to capture the full backstory.

Swag Info

“Show Us What You Got!” This is the purpose of the form. Heck, even this post. Only 2 required fields. That’s the Swag name & Featured Image.

Swag Name

Most times we state the name of the wapuu or event and add the swag to the end of it. Example: Sailor Wapuu Pin.

Featured Image

This should be the best photo of the swag you can find. Please make sure you have permissions to use any images you provide.

Other Images

Please share with us as many photos as you can. We would love to see sketches, works in progress, and photos at the event of people enjoying the swag. Social sightings can be embedded later. This section consists of photos, final art files, and anything else that could be useful to others.

Swag Type

We have 4 main swag types with sub-categories, Accessories, Apparel, Collectibles, and Edibles. If your newly acquired swag type is not on the list, select “Other” and a new input will show up. Add your new Swag type and you are good to go.

Description / Backstory

We want to know the why behind the swag. What made your camp or brand pick domino’s, Stickers, or pins? How about what your wapuu is doing, holding or wearing? Share with us some of your cultures in the process and tell the world why.


What event was this wapuu swag created or first seen at?

Species Of Wapuu

This is a list of all current wapuu species we have discovered so far. If you have discovered a new wapuu, please select other and the “Other Wapuu Species” input will show up.


Please tell us how many of the swag was made. Also, include the unit. If its pins, then 300 is fine. if you purchased custom wapuu M&M’s, then say 20 lbs, or however, they come.


At this point, most swag is rare. Maybe we should have changed that to uncommon, rare, and ultra rare. Joking aside, most swag is limited runs under 300. Larger brands will make more to distribute across many events. This is your call as the Discoverer. Keep in mind, if more are made in the future, it could change its classification.


Tell us about how big the swag is and what unit of measurement you used. Height X Width X Lengths or is it Lengths X With W Height? Regardless, these are the numbers we would use to calculate shipping if this item was ever traded in our system later and someone wanted to buy shipping from


This one is almost as important as the “Dimensions”. Do you know how much 1600 pins weigh? We do, and it’s a lot. Cost is over $100 to ship them halfway around the world. This number is really only important for shipping overseas. Please include the unit of measurement too. Examples: lbs. oz, kg, or Passeree.

Social Sightings

This is a repeating field that takes any embed URLs WordPress currently supports. If you can embed it into WordPress, you can add to your wapuu swag page. Things like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. A full list of embed support can be seen here. Add as many as you would like, but one link per row, please. We like the number lots, but if it is to many, 4 is a good start.

Is this swag for sale anywhere?

First and foremost, we are a Wiki. A resource to the community. A neutral ground for supporting anything wapuu. If someone has something for sale somewhere else, we will link to it and display the latest updated price. If you are selling something, make sure it falls in line with the trademark rules, and you’re not making any profit off of your work. Review the WordPress Foundation trademark policy here.


The more help from the community, the better can be. We are looking forward to the day where we can browse stickers, pins and all types of cool swag from events around the world; dating back to 2006. Yeah, we know wapuu was born Feb 19th, 2011, but if we already have this cool site recording 6 years of WordCamps, might as well allow content from the first half of our history. Use our form and add your swag now!

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