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Let’s Welcome Gravity Forms as Wapu.us First Official Sponsor!

We would like to welcome Gravity Forms (Rocketgenius, Inc.) to the Wapu.us Field Guide and Trading Post family. We are super excited about this partnership for 2 main reasons. One, they might like wapuus more than us; and 2, they are our first official sponsor! We appreciate all our sponsors, but they will always be first <3

Thank you for your sponsorship and ongoing community support.

If you have been around the WordPress community at all, you have more than likely seen some of Gravity Forms’ wapuu astronauts around. Maybe you have seen some of their stickers, t-shirts, stress balls, and plushies among other things. They have always had some of the best swag. You also might want to start keeping an eye out for some out of this world pins coming to a WordCamp near you!

With Gravity Forms Sponsorship, we will be able to devote more time to archiving the 500+ wapuus out in the wild that have not been added to the archive yet. Their wonderful support also allows us some time to build out more of the user profiles. We are now able to pull in your WordPress.org profile and JetPack.Pro user data.

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What is Gravity Forms?

If you’re new, Gravity Forms is an easy to use tool for creating advanced forms on your WordPress site. In fact, we use Gravity Forms for Wapu.us. We will write a full blog post on how we are using Gravity Forms soon, but as a sneak peek, did you know you can have a form that, when it gets submitted, you can set a post or other custom post types as a draft post? How about have a simple e-commerce solution? Gravity Forms is soo great, you can even use it as a contact form ;c D

The Team at Rocketgenius have been super great to everyone in the WordPress Community and we wanted to thank you again for all your support. We look forward to the upcoming year and all the fantastical wapuus we will discover together. We will be adding all their wapuus and swag over the next couple of weeks.

– Team Wapu.us

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