Global WordPress Translation Day 3

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Global WordPress Translation Day 3 is both a Digital and Physical Event, with 66 local events near you… and counting!.

A 24-hour, round-the-clock, digital and physical global marathon dedicated to the localization of the WordPress platform and ecosystem, a structure that powers, today, over 28% of all existing websites. It is thanks to the over 14.000 volunteers worldwide that today WordPress – and many of the elements in its ecosystem – are available in 169 languages, making the platform accessible to many non-English speakers.

WordPress Translation Day aims at becoming the yearly signature event of the Global WordPress Community’s Polyglots Team, a large cluster of the international volunteers that make up the amazing WordPress Community, whose mission is to hone and maintain the open-sourced project running, thriving and accessible.

What is It?
Global WordPress Translation Day 3 is a 24-hours live event organized by the WordPress Polyglots Team, whose mission is to translate WordPress into as many languages as possible which will run from 00.00 UTC until 23.59 UTC on September 30, 2017.

On Saturday, September 30th, starting at 00:00 UTC,
a series of multi-language live speeches (training sessions, tutorials, case histories, etc.) will be screen-casted in streaming, starting from Australia and the Far East and ending in the Western parts of the United States.

On that same day, Polyglots worldwide will gather physically in local events, for dedicated training and translations sprints (and for some fun and socializing as well) and those unable to physically join their teams will do so remotely. A big, fun, useful and enlightening party and a lovely mix of growing, giving, learning and teaching, to empower, and cultivate, and shine.

What will happen in those 24 hours?

  • Live training: 24h live streaming of tutorials in different languages about the translation (or, the localization, often abbreviated “L10n”, to be noun-specific) of WordPress, and about the optimisation of the code (generally referred to as internationalization, or “i18n”) so to ease the localisation process.
  • The 30min/1h localization sessions will be in different languages and will include general instructions and specifics for that particular locale (the area in which a specific language is used). Internationalization sessions will be in English. The sessions (the schedule will be found on the event website will be presented by some of the most experienced WordPress translators and internationalization experts.
  • Local events: Polyglots’ contributors will gather in different locations to socialize, discuss and translate.
  • Remote events: translation teams which cannot gather physically, will get involved remotely, to train, mentor and support new contributors, or work on “translating marathons” with their current teams, to translate as many strings as they can.

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