WordCamp Paris 2020

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April 17, 2020 we’ll be happy to celebrate our 12th WordCamp in Paris! The WordCamp Paris 2020 will be an intense community event. We’ll meet each other, we’ll learn from each other and of course we’ll have a lot of fun together.
The event will take place at Malesherbes Campus (Paris La Sorbonne University) and will be the perfect place to do so. Everyone is welcome and we really hope to see you there ! If you couldn’t make it : no worries, we will livestream everything !
All along the event making, we’ll send various calls for contribution to have your help and opinions to find together the best ways to prepare our annual WordCamp. So make sure to visit our website on a regular basis 🙂
Le 17 avril 2020 prochain aura lieu le rassemblement annuel francilien de la communauté WordPress ! Le WordCamp Paris 2020 se tiendra sur le campus Malesherbes de l’Université Sorbonne à Paris. Une journée pour se rassembler, apprendre et échanger autour de WordPress. Rendez-vous sur le site pour les divers appels à contribution et infos pratiques 🙂

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