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WordCamps are fun, casual, locally organised conferences covering everything related to WordPress, and Lagos City has one of the most vibrant WordPress communities in West Africa.

This is our 5th Year since we started a WordPress community and our second time organising a WordCamp.

Our theme for WordCamp Lagos 2019 is “Uplifting Local Communities & Individuals”.

The WPLagos community is known for sharing WordPress knowledge within and outside its environs. We seek to always empower individuals using WordPress as a tool, hence we are bringing contributor day to you, come 2019.

Our meetup attendee numbers have grown from 147 in 2016 to 1600+ in 2018. Our first WordCamp recorded a total number of 325 attendees. We hold monthly meetups on diverse WordPress and related topics.

We are accepting sponsors for this event. WordCamps are one of the most affordable tech conferences in the world, priced at less than or equal to $20 per day. To make this happen, we need all the support we can get. To offer your support, please reach out to us here.

We are expanding to other areas in Lagos by partnering with hubs across the city. If your organisation would like to partner with us to bring the power of the WordPress community to every area of Lagos, please contact us and a representative will get in touch asap.

We also held our 1st annual charity do_action hackathon on July 14th 2018 where we built 5 useful websites for 5 non-profit organisations doing amazing work in and around Lagos.

WordCampers come to Lagos to network, learn, connect, and have fun! Everyone from beginners, casual users to WordPress professionals, marketers, designers, developers and WordPress core contributors participate to share ideas, knowledge and information.

Our location is in the heart of Lagos State, and it intrigues and attracts speakers and attendees from different parts of Lagos, across the country and even the world.

We need you to make WordCamp Lagos even more enjoyable in 2019! Early bird ticket sales will be open soon. Stay tuned and subscribe for updates as we look forward to welcoming you there.

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