Saviour of the Scots & champion of all the peoples of the web


  • Discoverer:


  • Species:
  • Location:

    Edinburgh, UK

  • First Appearance:

    May 26, 2017

  • Height: N/A
  • Weight: N/A





Wapuunicorn, saviour of the Scots & champion of all the peoples of the web, as he likes to be called is a unicorn based wapuu. It that has a multi-coloured glowing WordPress Orb of Web-Platform Power which seems to help enhance his magical mono horn power.

Wapuunicorn’s Discovery (Origin Story)

The orb artifact has been passed down from the organizing clan every year. The orb itself has always looked of stone and had been dormant for centuries at rest in a pile of rubble at some old ruins found deep on the forest 4 days trek by horse before it was found by the great organizers of the past.

During the planning phase of WordCamp Edinburgh 2017 unbeknownst to the organizing team, their frustrations seem to awaken the orb. The orb started to glowing in glorious rainbow technicolor, and from the rays of hope sprung the wonders wapuunicorn, or so they say.

Why a Unicorn?

The Unicorn is Scotland’s national animal. Also, the Scottish Celtic forefathers believed unicorns symbolized the spirit of purity. Why Not?

Journey notes

During the journey to discover the wapunnicorn there was several other wapuus the travelers heard tales about like, Salt and Sauce Wapuu, Irn-Bru Wapuu, Forth Rail Bridge Wapuu, and even a Begbie Wapuu amongst many other, but no evidence was ever found of their existence besides the whispering in taverns and alleyways. Year to date still no evidence.

For what event?

WordCamp Edinburgh is July 22nd & 23rd. Still, time to get your tickets!

Welcome to WordCamp Edinburgh!

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The Wapuunicorn origin story

All the content from this page was pulled from the post above and social media research. If you have more information about this wonders new wapuu species that is wapuunicorn, please fill out the form below or tag us on social wapuus everywhere.

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