Celebrating WordPress and our racing history in Santa Clarita, CA


  • Discoverer: N/A
  • Species:
  • Location:

    The Saugus Speedway, Santa Clarita, California

  • First Appearance: N/A
  • Height:

    32-41 inches

  • Weight:

    68-72 pounds


Around 1927, a modest 1/3 mile racetrack was built on a 35-acre plot of land in a then remote area of northern Los Angeles county as a rodeo, then home to open-wheel racing. Soon after, sightings of these agile, elusive, and mysterious creatures were reported in the hills above the grandstands at the Saugus Speedway.

One of these creatures was legendary, Speedy, who was often seen in the roadsters with an uncanny knack for driving and eventually racing. The noise of the races, rapid real estate development, and the grandstands being condemned due to neglect put an end to racing in the nineties.

Recently, reported yet unconfirmed sightings around Magic Mountain, Vasquez Rocks, and tire marks along Bouquet Canyon and Newhall Ranch Roads during spring California Poppy season of this mercurial creature have sparked a viral sensation on the Interwebs. Visit WordCamp Santa Clarita spring 2020 to see it for yourself.

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