El león wapuurro


  • Discoverer: N/A
  • Species:
  • Location:

    Zaragoza, Aragón

  • First Appearance: N/A
  • Height: N/A
  • Weight: N/A


If there is an animal with which Zaragoza is related, it is, without a doubt, the lion.

You can see it on the city’s coat of arms, on the flag, the football and basketball team’s coats of arms and in hundreds of places all over the city.

The lion has been one of the symbols of Zaragoza since the 12th century, in gratitude to the Leonese royalty for their protection to our city in difficult times.

For that reason, our wapuu takes the form of a lion.

In addition, he wears a cachirulo: a handkerchief of red and black squares, which the inhabitants of Zaragoza wear around their heads, used as a folkloric symbol.

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