WordCamp Rochester 2018


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  • First Appearance:

    September 21, 2018

  • Height:

    36 inches

  • Weight:

    36 lbs



Brownie loves photography and happens to be from Rochester, New York, the hometown of Kodak. Brownie’s clothing style is inspired by George Eastman and the late 1800’s.



Check-out the sketches under the featured image. We added them everyone can see how I(James Tryon) creates a wapuu. The first rough sketch was done in under a min. This is to get the idea down and see if it would work.  Kinda reminded me of Mr. McFeely. The idea and angle worked on the camera. Next, I tend to pull up a wapuu from that is about the right size and angle, sometimes I will flip the image with CSS. Then I trace the make shape and placement of everything. This is a quick sketch and is used as a framework for the rest of the sketch.  Then its time to pull from your inspiration and have fun. If you get stuck, check out the archive for examples of what others have done.

Once I have all my ideas down and I trace over with a pin and erase all my pencil marks. At this point, I will take a couple of photos in case I over ink…Don’t ask.

The Vectorizing of Brownie

Once you’re happy with your sketch, pop it into your program of choice for vectoring and have at it.  A couple things to keep in, don’t overthink it, the simpler the better. Don’t worry about the parts that will be covered up. Stack shapes to accomplish the end goal. Sometimes we add shading depending on style. Just think about where the shadows would naturally fall. And the final touch is always making a copy, flatting it, setting it to the back layer and making the border 50-100% bigger than the main border size of everything else. However, Wapuu is GPL and you are encouraged to experiments and create as you see fit.

Time lapse over 20X speed. Total time from sketch to export was 5.5 hours(should really look into a better mouse or a pen tablet). The music is a recording from an unknown artist. The neat thing about the music is it was recorded in 1888, the same year Kodak was founded.

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