Upcoming Features

The following items are already in development, just not quite ready for the public.


Trade is a key component of this site. With all the fantastic wapuu swag available, you may want to swap what you have with another piece. Just because you didn’t go to an event doesn’t mean you don’t get the swag! At this point, you can make things for trade, but we are holding off till the first of the year before launching the actual trading.


The events page will showcase the events where wapuus appeared. Wapuus are tied to events in our archive, so you can click on WordCamp Miami and see any wapuus or swag ever created for that conference. As a bonus, soon you can also find out about upcoming WordPress events on the site. Events are a pivot point in our archive, and they also showcase what we’re doing in the future.


We want to support everyone and with that comes the need to localize the copy. This is very important to us, but we will need help from the community. Right now we are more worried about getting any info added to the site. We do add wapuus and swag to the archive in their native language. For example: https://wapu.us/wapuu/たこ焼きわぷー