WordCamp Orlando Logo over a table of WordCamp Orlando Shirts from 2017

Wapu.us Sponsored WordCamp Orlando 2017 in-kind Design Dev Work & Swag

WordCamp Orlando holds a special place in our hearts. They were the first to make Wapuu pins, and one of the first camps in the USA to embrace our Wapuu friends. It’s also our native camp! Two of our ambassadors have been organizers for years. It was the first WordCamp to have all the Automatticians…

WordPress Translation Day 3 Is Happening September 30th, 2017

Global WordPress Translation Day 3 or “WPTranslationDay 3” is a 24-hour global digital and physical global event dedicated to the translation of the WordPress(core, themes, plugins) making WP more accessible around the world. WPTranslationDay is both a digital & physical event. It’s a unique event where international community of WP Polyglots meet at the same…

Upcoming WordCamps for the weekend of July 20-23

Did you know there are 5 WordCamps this weekend? Funny thing is there are no WordCamps the following weekend. We created a quick list of social and other useful info for anyone that wants to follow along at home or is lucky enough to be at one of these great events in person. Full disclosure,…

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